Lidia Kleiberg Bergen Guide

+47 90 69 01 52 Hegrenesveien 6, 5042 Bergen, Norway

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Начало лета в Бергене – это всегда множество концертов и фестивалей как музыкальных, так и театральных.
Весна в Бергене началась со штормовых ветров, неожиданных снегопадов и прохладной не по-весеннему погоды. Но горожане не унывают, знают, что все равно «после зимы холодной всегда приходит весна» и она нам пропоёт…...
Летний туристический сезон 2023 в Норвегии стремительно начался уже в мае. В Берген зачастили круизные лайнеры. Разноязычный гомон больших и малых туристических групп рассыпался по городским достопримечательностям.

Hello! Welcome to Bergen!

I am an experienced and professionally licensed guide in the City of Bergen. Bergen is the capital of Norway’s Western Coast, and once was Norway's national capital. There is a very good reason why Bergen is known as the Gateway to the Land of the Norwegian Fjords, because Bergen really is the starting point of many unforgettable journeys into Norway's natural realms. When accompanied by a licensed professional guide, you will be able to see many cultural and historical sights and learn a lot of new things about the everyday lives of Norwegians. I will introduce you to our national cuisines, arrange for you to go fishing or be close to nature while hiking in our local mountains. I can tailor these trips to your personal interests, tastes and time constraints.

Meet Bergen!

Founded in 1070, by King Olav Kyrre, Bergen is Norway's second largest city. It has been designated a European City of Culture, and it will capture your heart with its rich architecture, history, natural beauty, and culture.

As your guide, I can offer you comprehensive city walking tours that will feature Bergen’s favorite downtown sights, such as the Fish Market and the Aquarium. Near the market, we can ride the Funicular, an inclined railway cable car, which climbs Mount Floyen, one of the viewing points in Bergen. From the summit of Mount Floyen, we can take in the stunning views of the islands off the coast. We can visit the medieval churches, the Domkirken (Bergen Cathedral) and the Korskirken (Church of the Cross).

I will show you the Hansa Bryggen, the old wharf district, which is the soul of Bergen. We will meander along the old city's narrow streets, lined with old wooden buildings that are home to shops, artists’ studios, and restaurants. These walking tours, approximately two hours long, can be enhanced and augmented by optional visits to various area museums.

Alternatively, I invite you to take advantage of my three-hour trip around the city by rented car or minibus. We will make several photo stops and will visit the Edvard Grieg Home Museum, Troldhaugen, in a suburb of Bergen, pausing near the unique restored wooden Fantoft Stave Church.

The charming open air Old Bergen Museum (Gamle Bergen), near the center of the city, features over forty wooden houses, all historically accurate examples of 18th and 19th century urban architecture in Bergen. These dwellings, along with diverse merchant shops, will offer you a glimpse into what life was like for city dwellers of all social classes, during this time period.

Meet fjords!

As your personal professional guide, I can accompany you on your outings to the fjords. You may choose, for example, a one-day Norway in a Nutshell tour, to visit one of the world’s longest and deepest fjords – the Sognefjord. One of its arms, the Neroyfjord, is on UNESCO's World Heritage List.

This trip includes a 20-kilometer excursion on the famous Flam Railway. A marvel of Norwegian engineering, our train will twist and turn along a serpentine mountainside track, where we can gaze down upon endless vistas of extraordinary beauty. We will see deep ravines, spectacular waterfalls and may even hear the mountain fairies singing.

A visit to the breathtaking Hardangerfjord region, southeast of Bergen, will inspire you as it did the composer, Edvard Grieg, and many other eminent Norwegian painters and writers. Along the way to Hardangerfjord, we will see virgin coniferous forests, gushing mountain streams, and snow-clad peaks. We will find quaint Norwegian villages scattered all over the landscape. Here you can see the white, blue, and aqua ice of the Folgefonna Glacier, the second largest of Norway’s mainland. Summer skiing on the Folgefonna Glacier can be arranged, when available. The Hardangerfjord area also is famous for its thousands of fruit trees which put on a spectacular annual display when they bloom in the spring.

Fishing trips

Your guide can also take you to the fishing trips in the fjord, where one might enjoy a meal including the day's catch. Your table is set on the deck of the boat, where you may dine alfresco.

As your tour guide, I look forward to introducing you to the culture and sights of Western Norway! Please call and book your visit today.